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2010 Vancouver Olympic Curling : Feb 16-27

Curling begins tomorrow, Tuesday Feb 16, for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. There will be round robin play with the top four teams advancing to the playoffs. You can view a full schedule of draw times for curling at The Curler’s Club.

United States Men’s
Duluth CC, Duluth MN
Skip: John Shuster
Vice: Jason Smith
Second: Jeff Isaacson
Lead: John Benton
Alternate: Chris Plys
United States Women’s
Madison CC, Madison WI
Skip: Debbie McCormick
Vice: Allison Pottinger
Second: Nicole Joraanstad
Lead: Natalie Nicholson
Alternate: Tracy Sachtjen

View you local NBC TV Olympics Curling Schedule.

Posted by Matt Galas - Monday February 15, 2010

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